Friday, February 5, 2010


Meet Susan and Paul (Bubba) Crutchfield, estate owners and year-round residents of The Cove at Celo Mountain. Susan and Bubba moved here from California after finding their “ideal” place to relocate – a small town environment where they could become involved in the heart of the community, abundant natural amenities that offered many opportunities for outdoor activities, a return to the four-seasons climate they missed, and a location near enough to larger cities (Asheville and Charlotte) to enjoy the big-city offerings. The photo is of 4 generations of their family - their son, Chris; Dot, Bubba’s Mother; Susan and Bubba; and the first grandchild – Chris’s daughter, Chase.

The Crutchfields merged their love of outdoor activities (hiking, tennis, golf and gardening) and their commitment to philanthropy by walking the entire length of the Blue Ridge Parkway ( a total of 1,000 miles with side trails) to raise money for four local charities and Warren Wilson College in nearby Swannanoa. Television interviews and newspaper articles chronicled their journey. Their historic walk netted $55,000 for the Yancey County Library System, Blue Ridge Regional Hospital, Warren Wilson College, the Yancey Foundation and the Altapass Foundation. The Crutchfields are continuing their philanthropic work through many venues. Bubba has been a board member of the Yancey Foundation, an affiliate of the Community Foundation of Western North Carolina, for 9 years. The last three years he served as Chairman of CFWNC, which distributed over $1,000,000 in 2009 through their Recession Response Fund to area charities. Susan served as Chairman of the Board of Visitors for Warren Wilson College. She's also joined with other ladies in the area to form a women's group designed to inform themselves about what is going on in the community, what the needs are, what other groups are doing to meet those needs, and what they can do as a group or as individuals to help. One of Susan's other passions is bridge. She runs a sanctioned American Contract Bridge League game that plays year-round and offers lessons to students of most levels. This is the power of one to make a difference - one couple taking a stand and making a walk for the benefit of the greater community. AND, they call Celo their home.

Oh, and Dot just purchased a Cabin at Celo and will become a full-time resident here this summer, as well. Why not come visit the property and meet the Crutchfields? The Cove at Celo Mountain is the perfect place for families to come together and reconnect.

For more information on the non-profits:
Community Foundation of Western North Carolina:
Blue Ridge Regional Hospital:
Yancey County Library:
Yancey Foundation:
Altapass Foundation:

Warren Wilson College

To walk the Blue Ridge Parkway yourself: ;

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