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One of the most debated things in our Blue Ridge Mountains is which season is the most beautiful. Some prefer the vernal palette of spring when our mountains burst forth in blooms with wild rhododendron, mountain laurel, trillium, dogwood and a host of other native beauties. Some prefer the endless perfection of summer days and nights with mountain activities to enjoy like rafting, kayaking, canoeing, hiking, swimming in our plentiful old-fashioned swimming holes, or just lying in the hammock on the porch watching the fire flies and wildlife. Winter is a veritable wonderland – so quiet and peaceful you can actually hear the snow fall. I don’t know if there is anything more wonderful than being safely snuggled in a cozy mountain cabin beside a roaring fire. But, without a doubt, our most celebrated season of all by those outside of our area, is our fabulous fall foliage season along the Blue Ridge Parkway.

The Cove at Celo Mountain is located along the routes that are annually listed by Buncombe County Tourism (Asheville) as the Top Scenic Routes in the North Carolina Blue Ridge Mountains. Here is the latest write-up about the highways and byways that surround us:

"Early Fall Scenic Drives

In the early fall, the best scenic drives are at the highest elevations in the Asheville area. Here is a list of great fall scenic drives for late September and early October.
US Highway 19
From Asheville, follow US 19/23 north from downtown, taking US 19E to Burnsville. Continue your drive along 19E to the town of Spruce Pine, stopping along the way to take in the spectacular views of the Black Mountains and Mt. Mitchell, the highest peak in the eastern U.S. at 6,684 feet. To return to Asheville, take US 19E back to Burnsville and US 19/23 south into the city."(US Highway 19 E was just named a State Scenic Drive by North Carolina DOT.)

80 South runs to the east of THE COVE AT CELO MOUNTAIN and to Mt. Mitchell about 30 minutes higher up. This is also one of North Carolina’s State Scenic Drives.
And, in case you are wondering which trees make our mountains this patchwork color, here is a partial list:

• Dogwood: red
• Sweetgum: red to purple
• Red Maple: red to orange
• Oaks: red to brown
• Poplars: yellow
• Birches: yellow
• Mountain Ash: yellow
Provided by Nantahala Outdoor Center
Come enjoy this spectacular time of the year with us. Pull off on any 1 of these designated national and state scenic drives - I -26, US 19E, US 80 S, the Blue Ridge Parkway - (they surround us on all 4 sides!) and stop in at THE COVE AT CELO MOUNTAIN. Hike our 3 miles of manicured hiking trails. Feed the trout in the ponds, picnic by the 30-foot cascading waterfall, grill hot dogs and s’mores at one of the 5 park outdoor cook areas, sit back in the hand-made rustic outdoor furniture and savor the beauty of these ancient mountains (some of the oldest on earth) and this pristine sanctuary we call THE COVE AT CELO MOUNTAIN. Experience the simple elegance of our Cabins at Celo or Brookhaven on Ayles Creek – both, of course, with outdoor living areas complete with stone fireplaces. Get away from the rush and fuss of city living – back to a simpler way of life, back to the healing power of life lived close to the land. It is time for a little Rustic Rejuvenation.
The Cove at Celo Mountain is a private gated community near Asheville, N.C. offering mountain properties and mountain homes for sale with dramatic mountain views. Browse our selection of Black Mountain Homes, Cabins and Mountain Properties at

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